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Friday, March 10, 2017

Last Thursday night was so exciting 😇. After a hectic day me and my cousin went to the Fiv五 Bar which is located at the 11th floor of Hotel N° 5, Kota Kinabalu. The bar just newly launched on 3rd March 2017. Well, it is our first time and wanna give it a shot.

Well, the atmosphere of surrounding of the bar was so appealing. The ambiance of the bar effect my mood and i needed it the most. The interior design are modern and feel like home in my cozy living room. The shade of bluish and purple color lighting soothed my eyes. The bar are spacious where you don't feel cramped or trapped when sitting or walking around the bar. Whilst having cocktails, we were entertained by a local music band and it makes you feel at ease after a busy life and from unwanted conversation. We have a great hospitality while enjoying our small woman talk and the staff were friendly and efficiently doing their job. One of the most thing i love about this bar was the view of the city from above. On the clear night, the view were splendid and the tiny buildings, housings and cars were looked like a Lego city. It is also gives you a best of stargazing from the bar. You might interested to visit the place, do click and check it out on the links of their page below and wish you have a great day ahead 😃.

Facebook Page: Hotel N°. 5

Mojito Cocktail
Cozy atmosphere
The Elmo Band
Lido Avenue Condominium
Lido Junction
Ouch my eye-bag
We are cousin

First Personal Blog


Thursday, March 09, 2017

Back in the day, i always wanted to become a blogger and envied to many best blogger around the globe. At the time, i was so undetermined by writing a blog because i don't know how to start and what to say. "Should i start a blog?" Well and yes, finally i found the idea and challenge myself to start blogging.

Blogging is about sharing our thoughts, idea and creativity to the world. You will find yourself always learning new things in many area and perspective of life. Beside, it builds your confident, makes you write better, boost your confident level and speak coherently.

This is my reason why did i start blogging.

1. To read my mind out loud

2. Self interest and as an online diary.

3. To utilize my time and getting rid of humdrum life

4. To become a blogger was my long unattainable goals. If not now, when?

5. Be a good writer and think out the box

6. Blogging is FUN.

So, how about you? Why did you start blogging? What made you a blogger or writer? I believe every blogger have their own purpose to start a blog. Share your idea on the comment box below. I would like to hear more from you :)

First Personal Blog


Friday, February 24, 2017

Yes finally i made my own blog and launch it today. I feel so excited and can't wait to share with you with all the things happening around me :) Thanks to the beautiful blog template from Beauty

Don't forget to bookmark my blog and stay tune for more. :)

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